This was the first major game project I worked on during university. The high concept was a 3rd Person tower defense where the player could become directly evolved fighting off the waves as opposed to the common top down approach of sitting back and hoping your defences hold.

We also added another core mechanic of managing a farm that the player must tend to in order to grow resources. Forcing the player to multitask and prioritise over what was more important ... reinforcing your defences at the front line... or gathering precious resources.

Key Project Contributions

As the only animator on this project I had a lot of work on my plate.

I provided all character rigs, cycles and implementation into unity 2017.

At this point in time my animation ability was 
not very good and I knew next to no information about rigging or how to implement it into engine.

I spent alot of time experimenting by trial and error how to skin weight properly. I adapted my workflow to become more efficient looking up tutorials in my spare time to work smarter instead of harder and finally started to get tings done.

Looking back there would be plenty to critique about my workflow but non the less I was happy with the result and learned a fathomable amount though my mistakes.

Being the only team member that was proficient in video editing I also put myself forward to create the games trailer, where I single-handedly conceived, produced, edited and finally presented the trailer in-front of the entire Falmouth games academy.

My work would pay off as our team WON game of the year in the first years category at the games academy yearly show and tell Expo.
A wonderful end to my first year at Falmouth...

1st year Student game Jan 2018 - May 2018

Made in

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Team composition

Animator : 1     Designers : 2

Artists : 2         Programmers : 3
Writer : 1          Audio : 1