Game Jams


Harold the hermit crab

During the global game Jam 2019  worked on 2 separate projects with the brief word being "Home"

the first project I worked with the developers behind Sai " a 3rd year project at the time" and helped them rig a hermit crab character with a walk cycle as their game involved the hermit crab switching homes on a quest to find the star at the end of the garden

Penguin Planet

The other project I worked on during the global game Jam 2019 was a resource management game inspired by the march of the penguins, here the player must controls the family of penguins and divvy up their numbers to complete obs like "searching for food or procreating more penguins" 

My contributions were the snow vfx, voice acting and the rigs for the child and parent penguins.


When working on year long game projects deciding which idea to go forward with and develop can be crucial so the prototyping phase of bashing out various animations and rigs help myself and the team figuring out