Freelance Animatior - SAI

I've recently found the wonderful opportunity to work as a freelance game-play animator for Studio Mutiny. 

The game Sai is a 3rd person shooter based around a druid combating the mechanised horror of deforestation.

My Role as a freelance animator ...

My responsibilities on this project are overhauling the main character rig, animating new character cycles and maintaining the development of a well documented state machine / unreal 4 blueprints.

Working part time while being a full time student has meant I can only dedicate 10 hours a week to this project

Rigging the characters Bow

Most of my own bespoke work so far has been out of engine, hand keying the characters movement animation cycles as well as making a functional rig for the characters Bow. Skin weighting the bow's string was an interesting task as it required the string to be both flexible and taught while pulling both ends of the bow.


My solution uses 3 joints for the top, bottom and middle sections of the bow string. Using the face selection tool I weight painted each individual segment of the string to slightly offset the weight away from the middle joint and towards the top or bottom joint respectively.

The results creates a kind of weight gradient from the middle with every segment after being slightly offset to the top or bottom allowing the string to visually pinch at an angle when drawn.


To get the bow to bend slightly with the string I used set driven keys driven by the Z (backwards) axis of the middle bow string. meaning that when the string was drawn backwards the rest of the bow would bend, providing nice visual feedback for the animations. 

Click view more to view my movement animation cycles for this project.

In future I will be updating this page with my own bespoke animations / assets.