This was the second major game project I worked on. Ink'd is a 2.5 D physics based plat former where the player control's an octopus using their tentacles to climb and swing around a manor of obstacles and traps in order to escape the facility of the evil DR Wissenschaft (German for science :D)

Due to the unconventional movement system and unique character design of an octopus, this project tested my technical animation ability like never before.

Key Project Contributions

I knew early on that conventional movement cycles such as walking, running, jumping would not be applicable to this project, instead the majority of time was spent in the pre production phase of rigging various prototypes to  provide the solutions required to make the octopus responsibly stretch out its limbs while the body and other limbs rag doll through the air.

Learning from the slow pace of my last project my workflow was very iterative and agile, researching various solutions and testing them on janky prototype models as a means of figuring out if its what we wanted.

I worked closely with the programmers and would find solutions that answered 1 part of the problem but not the other ...

finally after 2 months and 6 different variations of octopus rigs we discovered a solution. a combination of programming and technical anim that used a line rendered in unity with the texture of a single tentacle to shoot out towards the players mouse position while the other limbs could rag doll

due to the perspective, we could place the line rendered behind the octopus to hide its spawning creating the illusion that the line was just another one of the octopuses limbs.

I was able to greatly refine my skin weighting process during this time, mainly through trial and error and began experimenting with other technical animation techniques such as set driven keys and facial (eye movement) rigs.

Other contributions to this project included several Animal rigs such as crabs, sea slugs, and seahorses , 2  animated in game cut-scenes showing the story and death animations using a combination of shaders and simple unity scripts. 

2nd year Student game Oct 2018 - May 2019


Team composition

Animator : 1     Designers : 2

Artists : 4         Programmers : 2
Writer : 1          

Made in

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