This Project is still in development and has only just left the prototyping phase, thus i can only show its work in progress state right now but will update in the future :P

the high concept is a 3rd person stealth action game where the player controls a modern day teenage vampire, stalking their prey through social media and avoiding the guards. after finding your target you drain their blood and take a selfie to post on your very own vampire social media "vampster"

3rd year Student game Sept 2019 - May 2020

Team composition

Animator : 1     Designers : 1

Artists : 6         Programmers : 2

Made in


As is common with the prototype phase alot of the animations are janky and more so a proof of concept to see if it would feel good doing certain actions in the game. for example to test weather we would want combat in our game or keep it a pure stealth experience I made a prototype 3 hit slash combo
that I integrated into unity / unreal. 

After receiving the placeholder character model sped up my workflow by creating the character rig and run with advanced skeleton.

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