This Project is still in development thus I can only show its work in progress state right now but will update in the future :P

The high concept is a vertical slice of a top down dungeon crawler, the inspiration for this project came from our love of classic Zelda games, reflected heavily in its story.


A group of raccoons have found an old game boy in the trash and became so enraptured by it that they created their own dungeon to play in from cardboard and trash.

3rd year Student game Sept 2019 - May 2020


Team composition

Animator : 1     Designers : 1

Artists : 6         Programmers : 2

Made in


Player Character Movement

Due to the nature of being a top down game this provided me a great opportunity in practising my ability to animate a movement sett for a character that can move in 8 different directions.

Forwards, Back, left, right, I used Unreal 4's 3d Blends place to blend / create diagonal movement.

I also made sure to view the animations often from overhead to mimic what they would look like from the players perspective. often gaining feedback from team mates about what stylistic choices.

finally I knew that I would need to layer upper body animations, such as getting hurt and firing projectiles with the movement animations, so I purposefully left the upper half of my movement animations with very little animation so it would visually look nicer when layering other upper body animations ontop.